Double Maglock

Double Maglock


Product Information

The Double Maglock is a double surface mount magnetic lock with a holding force of 2 X 600g. Ideal for general access control and Medium traffic on double doors such as commercial buildings. 
  • Low maintenance with no moving parts
  • CE Marked
  • Safety bolts prevent the magnet from detaching from the bracket
  • Dual Voltage 12/24v dc
  • Current draw 24v 600mA 12v 1.2mA
  • Monitored or Unmonitored available
  • Medium Holding force of up to 600lbs (dependant on installation)
  • Slim Line appearance
  • Suitable for single or double doors, inward or outward opening
  • Size 500mm X 42mm X 26mm

Technical Specifications

  • Weight