Optex Axis II T Activation & Threshold Safety Sensor

Optex Axis II T Activation & Threshold Safety Sensor


Product Information

The Axis T activation and safety sensor is a door sensor designed to detect movement approaching the doorway entrance.
The sensor is monitored to comply with new EN 16005 regulations Performance Level C
The sensor will also function as a threshold safety device once an object or person has passed within the threshold detection area, making it both versatile and cost saving when ensuring appropriate safety at an entrance. 
Optional Weather Cover available.
  • Detection area of up to 3m* can be achieved to enable timely detection of persons approaching the entrance
  • Monitored safety sensor 
  • The detection area contains 2 external rows of sensors for activation and 3 internal rows of sensors for safety/presence
  • These rows can be fully adjusted for independent control over each detection area
  • Offers superior reliability and stability from the effects of rain, snow and leaves etc.
  • Slim and compact design
  • 62mm(h) x 267mm(l) x 45mm(w) 
  • Silver coloured finish

*Detection radius based on sensor mounting at height of 3.5m from finished floor level

 Instruction Manual

Technical Specifications

  • Weight

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