DualCore Single Slide Operator Package

Sesamo Dualcore Single Slide Automatic Operator Package


Product Information

Sesamo Dualcore Single Sliding Automatic Operator Door Package consisting of:
  • 1 Dualcore Operator
  • 1 Battery Back Up Kit
  • 1 Pack of 4 Guide Plates
  • 3400mm Dualcore Track Profile (can be cut to specific length)
  • 3400mm Dualcore Sliding Infill (can be cut to specific length)
  • 4400mm Dualcore Transmission Belt (can be cut to specific length)
  • 3400mm Brush Strip (can be cut to specific length)
  • 1000mm Bottom Door Prep U Profile
  • 1000mm Upper Door Prep G Profile
  • 1 Roller Floor Guide
  • 2 Optex Axis II T Activation Sensor
  • 1 Optex OA-Presence Safety Sensor
  • 1 Morning Entry Key Switch
  • 1 Dualcore Basic Selector
  • 1 Auto Door Sticker
  • 1 Keep Clear sticker
Operator Key Features:
  • New carriage with two rollers, increased diameter, adjustable heights 
  • DUALCORE technology with double microprocessor, first one upgradeable and customizable, used to manage logic parameters; second one used as safety processor with “sealed” firmware
  • Bluetooth technology is already available within the operator and will be programmable from Bluetooth devices shortly. 
  • Option to connect wireless logic selectors
  • Structure in aluminum with removable cover
  • Expansion board for additional features like LAN connection with Iaddress or connection to smartphone and tablet in Bluetooth mode 
Dimension: 115mm (height) x 181mm (depth)

This product will be supplied in standard 3400mm length, however this can be cut to exact size if requested. We can also provide covers powder coated to any standard RAL at extra cost (this will increase delivery time)