Prosale Automatic Doors offer free training courses to companies looking to enhance their automatic door knowledge. Prosale are always looking for professional companies that can increase the geographical ability to cover callouts and assist with installations, so in addition to being able to fit the range of operators for yourselves, you will be able to get further business from one of the leading door automation companies in the UK. 

Training on equipment is over a period of a one or two day course depending on exisiting knowledge. Up to 4 people from your organisation can be trained at a time.

Training is carried out at the Gloucester Office and can be booked by submitting a form at the bottom of the page and we'll send back an invitation or contact us direct on 0845 0945 636.

Training rigs are provided at the office that allow a practical 'hands on' experience and once the course is completed you will receive a certificate that has a unique number.

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